Satellite Beach Atlantic Plaza Gets Breezeway Facelift

Though the details have yet to be confirmed plenty of speculation is in the air and swirling around city hall in Satellite Beach about the re-opening of the Satellite Beach Cinema in the Atlantic Plaza. Maybe, as soon as next year!

“We are hoping it becomes a reality, though we still have nothing in writing filed here at city hall as to the exact details,” said Satellite Beach Mayor, Frank Catino. […]

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Florida Tech Announces New African American Studies Program

A new course is being offered this fall at Florida Institute of Technology Modern African American Studies is one that hopes to be the cornerstone to a new minor program that will enhance the university’s humanities curriculum.
The minor will include interdisciplinary courses aimed at studying and fostering further understanding of the social, political, economic, and cultural forces that impact the lives of black communities in the US, as well as […]

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Brevard Zoo Remains Committed To

Always remaining engaged about the welfare of animals—the Brevard Zoo—like many others around the nation and globe, that are closed to visitors due to the novel Covid-19 pandemic—continues its commitment to community.
During the past 25 years of its existence—the non-profit, who has weathered hurricanes, droughts, even past recessions—has always stayed focused on caring for the more than 900 animals housed there, and has remained dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation.
Last week, […]

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Ask The Expert – Eric Enrique Esq.

The Enrique Law firm has been representing clients with legal needs since 2000. The fi rm primary practices areas are immigration law, bankruptcy and estate planning. With two locations serving Brevard in Rockledge and Melbourne, its principal, Eric Enrique, has been a licensed attorney since 1995 and is committed to providing excellent legal representation to his clients.
SM Select Magazine spoke with Eric Enrique about a few of the important things […]

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Artist of The Month

Indian Harbor Beach photographer and sculpture artist, Debora Tweedie has loved the ocean and nature since she was a child.
Her lifestyle growing up on the Jersey shore and living near the beach, where she enjoyed water sports and beachcombing was what she said led to her interest in pursuing her degree in Marine Biology.
“I have always loved the ocean and beach, and have been fortunate to live near it all […]

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What is that strange object in the sky you ask?
If it resembles a plastic bird or a small helicopter buzzing overhead—chances are it is a drone!
Defined by Wikipedia, drones are unmanned aircraft or spaceships that are guided remotely.
There is no doubt that these funky looking flying machines are becoming quite popular!
Many drones are equipped with super high-tech cameras and have capability of traveling up to 100 mph.
In recent years, they’ve […]

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Brevard Zoo ‘s New “Rainforest Revealed” Boast Diversity with New Perspectives

Home to majestic jaguars, spunky spider monkeys, curious tapers, vocal river otters, slithering snakes, amphibians and other enchanting tropical creatures—the Brevard Zoos newest project, Rainforest Revealed—graphically demonstrates animal interconnectedness and independence.
Opening last fall, the newly transformed exhibit aims to provide visitors and the animals—ways to view each other in new perspectives!
The spider monkeys and jaguars are now able to roam freely and enjoy living in multiple spaces thanks to the […]

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Willie Nelson Concert Tickets NOW ON SALE Coming To The Space Coast Seafood & Music Festival

Willie Nelson has earned every conceivable award, continues to thrive as a relevant and progressive musical and cultural force.
Country music icon Willie Nelson will headline the four-day 2018 Space Coast Seafood & Music Festival when he performs on the evening of Saturday, Feb. 17 at Space Coast Daily Park, located in Viera, Florida, the heart of Brevard County, Florida. The Space Coast Seafood & Music Festival, formerly the Port Canaveral […]

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Why Is Brevard County Less Impacted By Hurricanes Than Other Areas?

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, but Brevard County typically avoids the worst of the storm compared to other coastal regions of Florida. That’s because a hurricane often weakens to a tropical storm by the time it makes landfall along Florida’s peninsula Gulf Coast and moves northeast into Brevard County.
The Gulf Stream is located a good 30 miles off shore from Brevard County, giving storm systems time to die down […]

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3rd Annual The Children’s Hunger Project Golf Tournament

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