Satellite Beach Atlantic Plaza Gets Breezeway Facelift

Though the details have yet to be confirmed plenty of speculation is in the air and swirling around city hall in Satellite Beach about the re-opening of the Satellite Beach Cinema in the Atlantic Plaza. Maybe, as soon as next year!

“We are hoping it becomes a reality, though we still have nothing in writing filed here at city hall as to the exact details,” said Satellite Beach Mayor, Frank Catino. […]

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Florida Tech Announces New African American Studies Program

A new course is being offered this fall at Florida Institute of Technology Modern African American Studies is one that hopes to be the cornerstone to a new minor program that will enhance the university’s humanities curriculum.
The minor will include interdisciplinary courses aimed at studying and fostering further understanding of the social, political, economic, and cultural forces that impact the lives of black communities in the US, as well as […]

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